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DealHub.pk is a daily deals discounted service that offers you amazing discounted deals and discounts in town. Why pay more when you can save so much.

Right here from our website. See our ‘How it works’ link to see how to order. No need to register to order anymore, you can order directly. If you do not understand how to order you can also use the support tab.

We hand deliver or courier the deal voucher or discounted merchandise to you in exchange of cash and delivery charges.

Yes their are, kindly see in front of each deal in fine print as charges are different for cities and deals based on location and weight.

Usually in 24 to 48 hours in Lahore and rest of the cities in 3 to 5 days but in case there is a strike, riots or rain or some problem which is out of our control we will keep you informed.

It depends on the deal, some are original, some copies and some replicas, kindly see in front of each deal in fine print they are mentioned in deal description clearly. We have a complete transparency policy.

We deliver our discounted merchandise deals in 2500 cities in Pakistan.

Please inform us before delivery if you want to cancel your deal. In case you order multiple times and cancel deals our system will not let you purchase more deals, so please order thoughtfully.

Services deals cannot be exchanged or refunded once bought. We have a 3 day replacement policy on products that gives you ample time to check your product. After that we cannot replace it at all.

Sure you can but please give them all details regarding the deal.

Though we try our best to find you the best deals in town as we are only a deal provider and not a service provider, we are not responsible or liable for any of the deals or services provided by the merchant. If you are unhappy with the services or deal please contact the concerned party directly.

Following are some of the common reasons: We called multiple times to reconfirm your order but you did not receive our call. You typed the wrong mobile number by mistake so we could not get through to you. Your number is switched off.