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DealHub for Business

DealHub.pk is a daily deals provider since years. We have sold 1000's of deals in major cities in Pakistan and are now looking to add more merchants.

Get New Customers

DealHub guarantees new customers through exposure on our website and Facebook fanpage. This gives your business access to our fan-base and exposure to your brand amongst the right market.
These customers are not just looking for the best deals in town but also something new. DealHub makes sure that the subscribers get to your business and also keep coming back for more.

Get People To Talk Abour Your Plan

DealHub not only offers the best deals but works as a company guide, directing people to some too-good-to-be-true deals. Your brand is featured on our website for a minimum of 24 hours and is extensively promoted on our Facebook page.
The idea that the deal must be shared with as many people as possible gives your business a buzz that it has never experienced before.
What's better than your business being the talk of the town?

Efficient Marketing

DealHub generates new customers featuring your business at no out of pocket charges. We get money by taking a share from every deal we sell. Simply put,we are successful if you are successful,making it a win-win situation for both businesses.
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